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Company Profile

Since 1947 Thermo Air has designed and produced innovative equipment that create the perfect indoor climate. Equipment that is continuously improving: higher quality, increased energy saving, more inventive. Thanks to our many years of experience in heating, cooling, ventilation and climate control, we can rightly say that Thermo Air 'creates the perfect environment'. What began as a modest forge has grown to become the highly regarded, present-day family organisation with concerns and partners situated all around the globe.

A drilling platform owner requires cooling for his processes without the danger of explosion. A store owner would like his customers to be able to shop in a pleasant atmosphere. A film production company requires mobile air treatment units for filming on location. An auto repair company doesn't want dust particles in their spraying cabinet. A home owner requires reliable central air heating for his home.

Creative solutions

If the requirement; is a mobile solution, has extreme dimensions, is of a peculiar format, has strict criteria or needs the quickest production time within the industrial, commercial, offshore, housing & public utility construction and hire branches, Thermo Air is the answer for unique and creative solutions. Thermo Air creates innovative air treatment products for use in a thousand and one areas.

Since it's establishment in 1947, the original organisation has grown to become a large concern containing many companies. The core of Thermo Air consists of specialists with sixty years experience in the air treatment industry. Heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery systems are the specialities of our company.

All our experience and expertise is being used daily to ensure that air is fit to breathe, production processes can be realized to create secure situations and a comfortable living environment.

Thermo Air produces numerous solutions and for many years, has provided solutions that no other company has even contemplated.

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